Thursday, November 14, 2013

What does our collection reveal about us?

In looking at our collection, you can clearly tell that we are high school students. As a whole, it just looks like a big blue blob. However, as you get closer and examine the objects individually, you start to realize that almost everything provided by the students has a connection back to school. There are pens and pencils and erasers, textbooks, sports ribbons, spray, nail polish, and much of that nature. On a personal level, I can absolutely relate to our collection for the sheer reason that I am a high school student! I think it resembles Portia Munson's collection very well,  just on a smaller scale and I am very excited to see what projects come out of this!! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collecting vs. Hoarding

There is a HUGE difference between hoarding and collecting. A collection is an organized grouping of similar objects or objects that have special meaning to you. Hoarding is when you become attached to EVERYTHING and never get rid of anything. Collecting is a hobby where hoarding is a sickness. Karsten Bott claims he has a collection, however, I believe it is boarder line hoarding. When someone has so muh stuff that they need  to build a walkway thought it, that is a problem. He has a compulsive desire to collect one of everything in the world when, in reality, that is an impossible task. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

comparing and contrasting.

As much as I so desperately wanted to enjoy doing the black and white drawing of the bike, I just could not bring myself to that point. I found myself wishing is was doing other projects and I found that it just did not capture my attention. However, I did enjoy doing the candy jar drawing. I believe I enjoyed this one more because it was a change of scenery as opposed to staring at the same blac k and white color for an extended period of time. However, taking into co.consideration that drawing is not my thing, I think that I did very well with both drawings and I surprised myself!

Candy Jar

During this project, the object was to draw the candy jar that was set up in the middle of the table. Although the candy was very tempting to eat, I sucked it up and drew. I dove right in and before I knew it, I was ready for color! This was where the fun began. I loved experimenting with different colors and shades and combining colors I never thought was possible! It was so much fun to try to recreated the candy the way I saw it and it showed me that not everyone see's what I see the same way.

Bicycle Drawing

In the begining, i thought chosing an angle would be the most difficult part of the drawing. It did not take long to figure out that was not the case. The drawing of the bike itself was not the part that frusterated me. The part that really made me hit a wall was the shading. Now, i have always known that drawing is not my thing and I tried to go into this assignment with my head held high and a positive attitude. It worked for the drawing portion of the assignment. I felt really good about my work and I did feel like I had progressed as a drawing student. However, I soon discovered that I was not entirely correct. When shading started, I could not figure out what needed to be done. Therefore, I decided going incredibly dark with pencil and then lifting the color out was an awesome approach. Not so true. It was time consuming and my drawing turned out darker than I wanted it to be. However, I guess art class is about trying new things and experimenting with different techniques. It did teach me that in order to get the type of shading I was looking for, I should have started light and gone dark insted of the other way around. Regardless, my drawing DID come out better than I had expected and once again, I have proven to myself that I am capable of much more than I though i was.