Friday, January 18, 2013

Blind Contour Drawing

In this drawing, we had to draw a portrait of ourselves without looking at the paper. This I found to be a great challenge because I continuously felt tempted to take a glance at what I was drawing. It is a lot harder than it looks! We also had to write facts about ourselves, which really made me think! I really enjoyed this assignment. It was fun!


My finished lantern turned out a lot better than I expected. It got very frustrating at times but I just took a deep breath and kept going. I have gained a new appreciation for artists who paper cut. It takes a great deal of focus and patience. I liked doing this project, however it is not my favorite type of art to do. It is beautiful when it is done right but I do not have that much patience.

Empty Bowls

The Empty Bowls Fundraiser is an effort to fight hunger. The concept is, art students, teachers, and really anyone who has any type of creative ability makes clay bowls from scratch. This involves sculpting, firing, and glazing the bowl. After all the bowls are made, people donate different types of food (in our case, pasta and soup). We then hold a dinner where everyone from the town comes and buys a bowl, which then they take and fill with food and have a social dinner. All of the profits go towards helping world hunger.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Artist: Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas is an artist whose main focus was ballet dancers in their natural element. Degas was born July 19, 1834 in Paris. He died September 27, 1917. He was most known for being one of the founders of Impressionism, but claimed that he was a realist. His portraits, specifically those of the dancers which consist of about half of the paintings he has ever done, are regarded as the finest paintings in the history of art. Degas mainly focused on women models and sometimes, painted them nude. He is mostly known for his dancer paintings, however.

I decided to choose this artist because, as a dancer, I found his paintings to draw me in. I found myself studying the dancers posture, feet, turnout, and much more. To see how a dancer such as myself looks through someone else's eyes is a neat experience. I also enjoyed the detail he went into. No two paintings are similar and no two dancers are the same. Every one of his paintings are unique in their own right and i found that neat to look at.
This picture drew my attention because it reminded me of my first day in pointe class. I was scared that I was not going to be able to do pointe as easily as all the other girls and that is what this girl looks like is happening to her.
I liked this picture because of the colors. The mixture of the blues and the greens really stuck out for me among all of Degas' other paintings. The emotion he put in the dancers really stuck out also. It is a dancer's goal durring a performance to feel the music and act it out and you can tell through this picture that these girls are doing just that.
Finally, I chose this sculpture because it is very well known. This is one of those things that you see multiple times in your lifetime, but may never know who created it. This is very unique and this dancer is represented as very proper. It stuck out to me because it was different from all the rest. 

I chose Degas because his artwork drew me in and made me look deep into it. That is what artwork is supposed to do. It is supposed to intrigue you enough so you want to dig deeper into it and the hidden meaning of it.