Monday, April 8, 2013

Artist Inspired Story

"A little swim never hurt anyone," thought Brooke. She had the biggest show of her life at five but she knew she would be back in time. It was hard to be a famous ballet dancer. She never got the chance to live like everyone else and now was her chance. She found herself alone in the middle of the woods with nothing but the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves and the small waves crashing in the lake in front of her. She so badly wanted to just dive in but then it occurred to her, "What if i lose track of time? What if I am late?" It was only two at the time. The show wasn't until five. She had plenty of time. She jumped into the refreshing blue lake in front of her. She floated on her back and looked up at the leaves slowly falling off the trees. Fall was just around the corner but summer was still in the air which made it warm enough to swim.

She loved knowing that no one knew where she was... well almost no one. Her boyfriend Kyle knew because Brooke had invited him to come along but he declined due to work. She decided it was probably time to get out and start drying off after, what she thought was about an hour, had gone by. She went up to the shore, spread her towel, laid down, and let the sun do the work for her. Before she knew it she was fast asleep and dreaming. She had a dream about the show she was to perform later that night. She dreamed about how thousands of people were screaming her name as she pirouetted across the stage. She could not wait. It was to be the biggest night of Brookes life.

As she was dreaming she heard a voice. "Brooke!!!!," the voice screamed worried and impatient. She woke up in a panic when she realized she wasn't dreaming. It was Kyle. When he finally found Brooke he told her that the show was in 30 minutes and that they will probably not be able to make it in time. Brooke began to cry. "How could I mess this up?!," she thought. She wanted this more than anything. Seeing Brooke cry melted Kyle's heart. He picked her up and ran to his car. HE gently placed the weeping girl in the passenger seat and ran to the other side. He abruptly started the car and began to speed in the direction of the theatre. "Where are we going?," Brooke asked. "You have a show, don't you?," said Kyle with a slight grin. The sped down the highway and pulled into the parking lot of the theatre with seven minutes to spare.

Wardrobe met her at the door and began undressing and redressing her immediately. Makeup and hair worked on her as she walked. They put the finishing touches on just as her name came over the loud speaker. Her music began to play, she stepped on stage, and performed better than she had ever performed before. The first thing she said when she was finished was, "Maybe I should be late to performances more often." She looked to her choreographer who seemed angered by that statement, but shook it off, gave her a huge hug, and congratulated her on a job well done.